Stop Internet Abuse

"...sounds almost like you are trying to wage a one man war to change the way folks act on the internet. That may be a noble thing to do, but..."--VanderbiltGrad.

No folks, I'm just trying to help by spreading word of valuable tools for putting internet thugs in their place. Use the resources available to defend yourself, and the internet gets better for all of us.

If you arrived here by clicking on the banner above, then you are likely interested in the issue of putting a stop to Internet Abuse, perhaps even to stop someone from abusing you. If you run a website, feel free to use the Stop Internet Abuse banner to link to this page. We will all benefit from your efforts.

LINKS to Resources to Stop Internet Abuse

EmailAbuse.org The most recent resource I discovered while removing some of the older links that had apparently given up the good fight. It gives folks who aren't familiar with how things work a good overview and virtually walks them through the steps of reporting an abuser.

Fight Spam on the Internet! This site also contains tons of useful resources for fighting spam which includes unwanted hate mail.

SamSpade.org This incredible resource will run traces automatically on any IP address you enter into it, for free. One of best ways to nail an abuser is to start by knowing who is letting the abuser on the internet in the first place, and reporting them to that internet service provider.

GeekTools.com This site contains links to tons and tons of useful resources for doing trace routes or reporting spam. Unfortunately a lot of the links they maintain seem to run really, really slow.

Network Abuse Clearinghouse From their own site Abuse.Net: "The Network Abuse Clearinghouse is intended to help the Internet community to report and control network abuse and abusive users."

SpamCop This site maintains a blackhole list and processes reports about spammers, i.e. people who use email to send unwanted emails. Abusive people often repetitively email you unwanted and abusive emails. Getting their email access shut down at least keeps them from harassing you.

Net Abuse FAQ Maintained by Cybernothing.org. Explains many forms of abuse and what to do about them.

Death to Spam A Guide to Dealing with Unwanted E-mail

Do you have your own techniques against unethical or immoral web users? Want to recommend a resource I missed? Email me with helpful tips that I can share with others. Let's get the bad guys off the internet.

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