Arlo Gennadi

High concept aspect: Warden of Bad Things

Trouble aspect: Family expects unconditional loyalty

Phase 1 backstory: Fell in love with a fellow psychologist. She was attacked and driven insane by a nightmare. Arlo locked her up.

Phase 1 aspect: Even monsters can be cured

Phase 2 interaction: Arlo locked up Harri at the behest of the Gennadi, but Harri escaped. Arlo feels guilty because he doesn’t think Harri deserved it, and obvious bad karma came out of it. (a thing or multiple things escaped)

Phase 2 aspect: Feels like he owes Harri

Phase 3 interaction: The Gennadi family tried to marry Arlo’s sister off to Matthew. Arlo knew that she was in love with someone else, and convinced Matthew to dissuade the family. Matthew used his powers to terrify the sister, which Arlo didn’t approve, but it did the trick.

Phase 3 aspect: Sucker for a love story


Physique +2, Fight +1, Lore +2, Investigation +1, Notice +1, Contacts +3, Empathy +4, Resources +2, Provoke +1, Rapport +3


Gilded Cage (spends a Fate point to add an aspect to a single Zone which makes it harder for anybody to leave the zone, possibly an Empathy resist roll or possibly a flat resistance of 2);

Psychologist (standard Empathy stunt from page 109 of Fate Core);

Mental Contacts (spends a Fate point to initiate contact with somebody mentally, this puts awake folks into a daydream aspect state unless they refuse, allows brief communication including using Contacts skill with people who are otherwise inaccessible)

This particular stunt isn’t particularly powerful in a world where cell phones are commonplace. However, it is not useless, either.

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