New Years Writing

Okay, so I have failed to keep this up in multiple years in the past, but I think it is time to try again.

Time to try, once again, to do a daily minimum word count of typing up my creative ideas.

I am hoping that I can focus a lot of this word count on my Oneira dream world game setting.

500 words per day seems like the stereotype goal that I should aim to achieve.

I am thinking that Google docs would be a good place to type it up, so I can update it from wherever. However, I feel like I should also download copies to my local desktop computer.

Things I might want to start with….

Dream harvesting, as Joe and I discussed.

FBI program, as reimagined to not be a physical transference. Instead, I could see it as highly trained individuals using sensory deprivation chambers to give them a stronger dreamer connection. Perhaps this strong dream connection lets them fake the whole “we are really coming here physically” angle. They don’t actually do so, but their impact is suitably hardcore enough that physically-there dreamers believe it.

It would be awesome if there were good terms for:

Physically-there dreamers


Dream beings

I should do a real writeup of the naturally repairing aspect, which lets GMs allow stupid destructions to go by without consequence when desired. The net weight of the normal dreamers and their view of the scene keeps repairing it.

I feel like I am enabling some new-year expansions for Asaco, at least. I promised her a digital piano for Christmas, and gave her a symbolic ornament to represent this. On 12/31, we went to a local music store to see the pianos in person. We have already been researching them in person, and are still doing so post-visit to the music store. I hope she gets good use out of it.

I am still wondering whether I should spend some time writing up ideas for using different game systems to make the Oneira world. For example, Mage: The Ascension could be used to represent the dream powers, with a reskin of what magic really is. Instead of it being “reality warping” it can be “dream warping” since the world they players join is the place where dreams occur.

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