I had a dream about this, in real life, in 2014. ( I know the time frame because of an iPhone note I made at that time.) This is a game world translation of that.

Hoodbanks is a hotel, which only exists within other hotels. One might go to a Hilton or Marriott or other upper end hotel, and find a small reception desk, somewhat apart from the host hotel’s reception area, which is poorly lit, and possibly only lets one reception employee work at a time. The Hoodbanks reception area has a single row line of velvet rope, in a deep burgundy.

As far as the hotel within another hotel, I believe that I heard a story about the Four Seasons working in such a manner, so I should research that if this is something I expand.

In Oneira, the hotel takes on other aspects beyond what a real world hotel within a hotel could do. The rooms, although contained on only one or two floors of the host hotel, are impossibly luxurious. In my dream, I knocked on the room door and when it was opened there was a ballroom party inside of what was apparently a suite. Zsa Zsa Gabor, or possibly her sister Eva misidentified, was dancing with a dapper gentleman, looking as young and beautiful as her black and white photos.

The reception desk seemingly closes at some hours, though. When I came to it, it was mostly dark, and the burgundy theater ropes were there, and a single bronze colored sign said “HOODBANKS” with no other explanation. Because I was unable to check in, I was not allowed into the party whose wonders I saw through the briefly opened doors.

In a nod to logical security, I would imagine that you cannot even get to a Hoodbanks floor without a keycard. I don’t remember doing anything special to get there in my dream, but perhaps I had to sneak up a staircase or follow a snazzy couple too closely into a limited elevator.

If the Hoodbanks hotel has dream qualities, it begs the question of why? Is it run by a dreamer? Is it run by dream entities? Is it controlled by a family? If so, then presumably that family is the Hoodbanks. They might show up to various hotel locations on occasion, but their enterprise is presumably too big for them to monitor at all times. Some of them might even enjoy some sort of dreamworld celebrity a la Paris Hilton and her father’s hotels.

It seems useful to let the dynastic family option be the default, because it gives flavor to a dreamer family.

What are the goals of such a family? Surely to preserve their connections to celebrity. Their wealth must be considerable, but some other industries must outclass them. Also, celebrity can be fleeting.

I could always make the founder of the chain be Kurt Hoodbanks, as a reference to Conrad Hilton. Perhaps Athena Hoodbanks rather than Paris? Nicole or Victory Hoodbanks as her sister?

As with most of the dreamer families, they would look for other dreamers as marrying material. This is still the best way to keep your bloodline’s power.

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