As I get older I wonder if it’s true
That I have nothing of value left to say
Or if people have just beat me down
And made me feel that way.
I am as self absorbed as they,
Maybe more by far.
I do not set out to be that way,
But it is the way we are.
So if I made you wonder
What your value is today,
I am sorry for any ills I did
That made you feel that way.

Am I Like You

I am looking at you
Like you’re looking at me
I am dreaming of you
Like you’re dreaming of me
I am feeling for you
Like you are feeling for me
But I am not afraid of this
Like you are afraid of bliss
I am thinking about you
Like you are thinking about me
I am wanting more of you
Like you are wanting more of me
I see tomorrow and you
But sorrow’s what you see
Still I am not afraid of this
Like you are of bliss
Can’t you see you
Looking at me
And see that this
You should not miss?