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Please allow me to introduce Admiral Peleps Aramida and Captain Peleps Iruka. I am Belagra. We are pleased that you honor your duties to the Scarlet Throne on behalf of the Realm without forewarning of the necessarily unspoken details. Before I go any further, I must have your unequivocal reassurance that nothing said here will be repeated beyond these walls...

Recently, an event of vital interest to the Realm occurred. Have you perhaps heard of the Thunder of Tumbled Ruins? No? Good, then. It is a First Age vessel armed with a powerful weapon capable of completely destroying a city. For more than two centuries, since our last skirmish with Lookshy, the Wood Fleet has kept this vessel just over one hundred leagues from mouth of the Yanaze River. At this distance, the vessel may quickly move to striking range yet remains outside of the tactical detection limits of the target.

Two weeks ago, during Calibration, the Thunder of Tumbled Ruins disappeared.

This fact, by itself, would be a matter of concern, but there is more. The weapon held by this vessel is controlled by means of a keyed artifact kept in the hands of certain officials here on the Blessed Isle. Without activation, the weapon might be launched but would not operate. Unfortunately, spies have returned word that the vessel's whereabouts have been discovered. The Thunder of Tumbled Ruins sits at dock in the harbor of Thorns. As you are aware, the Mask of Winters is reputed to be a sorcerer of some skill, and the Realm cannot afford to allow him the opportunity to discover a way to duplicate the key.

You have been chosen because your youth ensures that your accomplishments, while impressive, remain relatively unknown to the principals involved in this event, and your sudden disappearance from society, to pursue this matter with the necessary stealth it requires, will not reveal any sign of our response to our enemies...

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