25 Hours in a Day

Exalted authors often mention 24 hours as a time period for durations and activities, giving the impression that there are 24 hours in a day. A few years ago, when he was still in Atlanta, I believe, I mentioned the idea that I thought Exalted should have 25 hour days to Grabowski. As I recall he chuckled and said he liked it, but I never saw it in print. Nonetheless, my game has used 25 hour days ever since I first mentioned this to the early game developer. If you check the Autochthonians book, you might see that my theory may have come to be after all. Page 24 (funny that page number) of the Autochthonians book does ascribe a 25 hour day to the artificial machine world of the Autochthonians, although it has never been explicitly assigned to Creation. I would argue that the fact that the Autochthonian calendar seems to remain in sync with the 4,878 years since they departed creation suggests that Creation must also have a 25 hour day, or the 4,878 years of Autochthonian history would represent about 5,077 of Creation's years. Of course some Storytellers may prefer those lost two centuries to be somehow possible.

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