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Sesus Denarid Kitabata backstory
2005-09-22 21:09:50

Quote: "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, It's the size of the fight in the dog."

History: Kitabata was born on the shores of An-Teng. His fathers 13th child and his first by a mortal woman. His father and Dragon Blooded stepmother raised Kit. Of course not being her own, very hard feelings were generated between the two. His departure to primary school was a welcome thing by both parties. In school Kit was a VERY average student. Neither good nor bad, exceptional or otherwise. Seldom noticed and often over looked. Two nights before his graduation to the House of Bells, in his sleep no less, Kit awakened in his sopping wet bed. Fearing ridicule from his peers for not keeping his bladder, he gathered his bed linens and headed for the male latrines. Falling through the door dizzy and cyanotic from humidity, he erupted in a tsunami of stone, glass, and water. Lots of water. After destroying the men's facilities, he slept. News of his Exaltation reached his parents - his father rejoiced and his stepmother? Well lets just say that the bill for the latrines was no laughing matter. He graduated with a little warm fuzzy.

With his Exaltation, Kit underwent a transformation in both build and personality. It seemed the shy little boy often picked last for team events, had become a brash nickel-slick hustler over night. The almighty call of supply and demand began to summon him. His goal proceeded in the direction of supply over demand. His attendance at the House of Bells was where he began to shine. His tactics often capitalizing on misdirection and brilliant displays guerilla warfare made him rather popular when a scale was outclassed for any particular reason (be it armament, experience or numbers). Kit found his way into the quartermasters division as a secondary minor in his first year of attendance. If they had only known. It only took about six months before Kit's hustle became solid. Whatever you wanted it he could get it in or out without higher ups catching on. A year in he received a mysterious invitation by an organization known as "The Talons of A Thousand Wraiths". Extending to him possible membership upon the completion of 5 extremely difficult tasks. The Talons were more of an urban legend than a tangible entity. Half of the schools population didn't believe in their existence and those who did had no idea who they were or how many in numbers. In awe of their mystique, Kit set out to accomplish the challenges they lay before him. Five days of humiliation, pain and sacrifice resulted in a clawed brand and a revelation. For he was now a Talon.

While his extracurricular acquisitions were good before. They had evolved into a profitable engine of drugs, alcohol and "corporate companionship" all without a hitch, during a gala; Kit met one of the schools former matrons. Cynis Anamoke, an older Dynast woman whose beauty made Kits knees buckle after some conversation and a few drinks Ana poked holes in Kit's whole operation pointing out flaws and weaknesses that could get him expelled, then she took an unexpected turn and showed him how to correct them--during their pillow talk. That day Sesus Kitabata found the woman he wanted to spend the rest of his life with., too bad he couldn't tell her cause she was gone when he awoke. Kit addressed the issues he discussed with Ana. All went well till a small closet foray with another woman went horribly wrong. Cathak Miko was the love interest of Ledaal Janek. Miko's guilt ridden confession sent Janek into a spiraling rage, having dealt with Kit before Janek spilled the beans on Kit's operation, his mercantile empire began to crumble around him.and expulsion was the final agenda. Kit was flogged and stripped of his quartermaster's title, but before his expulsion could transpire, the Matron of The House Of Bells received a letter and from House Cynis, the contents of which convinced her to allow Kit to finish his final year of school. Having done so he was not allowed to attend the graduation but received his bell in private and was told to depart.

Crushed, Kit turned to Anamoke who had done much more for him than his stepmother and filled the void in more than one way. She trained and mentored him in the ways of moving goods that people wanted over what they needed. They traveled all over creation together. She also provided him with a map fragment she had found years ago. The map was said to lead to a bottle of wine from the First Age that granted immortality and by her calculations should still be intact if all the pieces were placed together. Kit looked on wide-eyed.

Image: Kit is a tall, brazen-skinned man. Slender with muscle that ripple along his body. His eyes look like a starry night at sea. He has a constant shine of water over his skin and his hair appears as that of a diver who has recently left the water. He also bares the Sesus House mon on his entire back with the word "Relentless" written in Sea Tongue in its borders.

Sesus Kitabata is a character of Melvin Davis. Backstory information written by Melvin Davis.

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