Gallery of Dave's Work in Progress

Black Tide's Model Sheet
Cerulean Heaven's Model Sheet
Gnoemi's Model Sheet
Little Poet's Model Sheet
Shining Darkness Model Sheet

Group Banner

Group Banner layered

Drax mostly finished colorwise (image3)

"Gnoemi color pic open"

Heaven heavy line weight

Gnoemi's "dervish" anima

Gnoemi Spellcasting

Little Poet "A Moment's Peace"

Face of Heaven III

Salt with Hat (black and white)

Heaven Color Headshot

Heaven (black and white)

Black Tide Bio Cropped

Black Tide Dropin

Black Tide "Naked"

Gnoemi Original Titlepiece (text added by Conrad)

Heaven Original Titlepiece (text added by Conrad)

Poet Original Titlepiece (text added by Conrad)

Supple Scirocco Gnoemi

Little Poet Headshot

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