The Malfean Theory

Some people I know have wondered aloud why the Malfeans are named thus when Malfeas is a Yozi. Recently a random potential theory occurred to me. I am not saying that there has to be any particular reason; sometimes names are just names and words are just words. Nonetheless, this theory came to mind, and I decided to share it regardless of how preposterous it might be.

In the days before the First Age, when the gods set the Exalted against the Primordials, there was no such thing as "death" per se. When the Primordials were slain by the Exalted, their deaths changed the nature of Creation and formed the Underworld.

What if killing a Primordial was something which could not be done?

The Exalted took up arms against the founders of the universe, and they could not destroy them. Autochthon and the great Incarna had anticipated that this was likely to be the case, however. One might note that they did not restrict the range of their creation of the Exalted to mighty warriors alone. Even as the Exalted contested against the souls of the Primordials, they set one of their most important plans in motion. One of the Primordials must be convinced to slay one of its own. Only with the First Death would the possibility become open to all of Creation.

Clever Eclipses approached a number of the Primordials, armed with secrets given them by the gods and their fellow Exalted, and spoke words of doubt. One of the Primordials, the proud Malfeas, harkened to these words, and saw that the rebellion of the Exalted was aided by his brethren. Yet he was tricked into suspecting another, instead of the architect Autochthon. Rising in terrible anger, Malfeas went forth and slew his Primordial brother. This deadly act created the Underworld, as the souls of his fallen brother sought a place to rest and yet could not die. The fallen Primordial was changed, no longer like unto his brothers and sisters, and the savants of Heaven called him a Malfean, for Malfeas had made a new thing possible. Not even Malfeas could undo his terrible deed, or perhaps if he could then he was too proud.

The Exalted waged their war against the remaining Primordials, and as each one perished, she followed in the doomed footsteps of the first of the Malfeans. Malfeas surrendered to the Exalted, along with all of those who would become the Yozis, and thus he never joined his slain brethren in the Underworld.

Hundred Kingdoms

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