Sleepless Worker (Artifact •••)

It is unknown when these automatons were first developed, but records suggest that a handful of them existed by the end of the First Age. The Hands of Twilight Shining Through the Night, or Sleepless Worker, is a clever bronze mechanism with eyes that reflect its master's intellect in their blue jade depths and hands of finely crafted white jade. Every measurement of the limbs was designed to precisely match that of the First Age builder, but such attention to detail seems irrelevant in the Age of Sorrows. Provided that she can attune to it, the Sleepless Worker serves any master with appropriate skill.

To use the Sleepless Worker, the owner dons a matching bronze headband. Both the band and the forehead of the automaton bear special settings which must each carry one of an perfect pair of dreamstones. While the owner sleeps, her dreams are transformed into action through the device. This allows the attuned user to work through the night using the eyes and hands of the Sleepless Worker.

Attunement to the controlling headband costs 1 mote. The attuned user can activate the automaton only when she is asleep, at a cost of 10 motes of Essence. Once the Sleepless Worker is activated, the user can cause the automaton to perform actions as though it were her, even at vast distances.

The Sleepless Worker may act with its owner's Crafts Abilities, including any Crafts Charms which the owner possesses. The automaton is treated as having the same Strength, Dexterity and Stamina. Any attempts to use social Abilities are treated as though the user had Appearance 0, Charisma 0 and Manipulation 0. The automaton is not sentient, but its user propels it with her own Mental Attributes. If the worker is forced into combat, it has Health: 0/-1/-1/-2/-2/-4/Incap, armor 4/2, mobility penalty of -2 and fatigue 2.

Should the user try to wake prematurely, use ice fern spores penalties and rules (see Manacle and Coin). Spending one's dream cycle working is not completely restful, and when using the automaton the owner does not recover Willpower via daily Conviction rolls. To keep the Sleepless Worker operating, maintenance must be done every 500 hours. Additionally, for every maintenance cycle, a new dose of ice fern spores must be stored in the mouth compartment. Repairing damage to the automaton requires one hour of maintenance, Resources •• and one successful roll per Health Level repaired.

Artifact Traits:
Power ••••, Usefulness •••, Series Impact •••, Script Immunity ••;
Drawback •••• (Component Drawback ••, Maintenance Drawback •, Notoriety Drawback •)

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