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Crimson Antler is a canonical character who appears in the Kingdom of Halta book. Unfortunately, we don't really know that much about the character except that the character works with the Bull of the North.

In Conrad's chronicles, Crimson Antler has always been a Night Caste, female icewalker.

In Descending Earth of the Realm Year 769, the Far Shores brotherhood of Dragon-Blooded slew Crimson Antler when they caught her and her troops in the woods south of the Bull's hideout in the Invisible Fortress. At the time that she fell, Crimson Antler was carrying the telescoping adamant-tipped dagger, the gryphon-leather boots and the orichalcum ring she had taken from the Invisible Fortress. What they do with them remains to be seen, but the Far Shores Dragon-Blooded seized those items. The scene where she was slain was essentially the introduction of Tepet Desan.

Where Crimson Antler's Solar Essence goes next remains to be seen.

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