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This is our current Exalted chronicle, featuring Dragon-Blooded as the main characters. We started using 1st edition rules and then began playtesting Second Edition Dragon-Blooded rules before the book's release. With the release of Second Edition, we moved from "playtesting" those rules to using them full blast. More information about Far Shores at http://www.conradhubbard.com/games/farshores/


Player Characters

The actively played characters of the players in the chronicle. Right now this is the current roster of main characters:

Hiatus character: Kae Lei is still in the game, but the player has been AWOL a lot lately. Silk Staff is played by Mike, and he has taken another temporary break from playing with the group.

Deceased characters: Cynis Takeda, Ledaal Kebok Nalest, Sesus Kitabata and Tepet Berel Desan.

Defector: V'neef Gavelin

Retired: Cathak Roka has been relegated to NPC status due to the fact that Michael moved to another state to pursue higher schooling, and Mnemon Aratama is currently being mostly treated as an NPC due to the fact that Bunnie left with her kids to live with her mother.

Storyteller Characters

Depending how long this section gets, maybe the sections should be split off as their own pages.

  • Balaustine - Sidereal patron of Realm Dragon-Blooded active in the Eastern front
  • Faraka - Cousin to Queen Arkasi. Currently leading a Linowan resistance against the Bull of the North's invading armies.
  • Peleps Iruka - Captain of the Guardian of the Black Vault
  • Scar of Axe and Fire - Bitter spirit warlord serving the goddess Caltia

Canon Characters

These characters are canonical figures from the Exalted books published by White Wolf. They are protected by copyrights, so we will NOT be posting any of their stats, except those which have been explicitly updated by our chronicles. For example, it is unnecessary to post Ejava's traits, but if she has gained a new Charm we might say "Added XX Charm".


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