How to mate with woman and avoid lunar mates!

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I have seen other lunar mates and it is just seeing them has completely convince me of something. I totally must have done something wrong last go around. I see the mates of my circle and they have these gorgeous lithe women, with sultry voices and bodies that make you want to thank the gods that you are a man….I on the other hand last time… She was not a pretty sight….she had the face of a dog. In fact when the mood took her she took the form of the dog and she hounded me across the world. Truth be told I liked her pursuit of me. Her tenacity and fire is what actually got me into the mess in the first place. She found me hiding in a cave with a nymph. She found me hidden in the woods with glade children. She found me in the slums with a group of hellcat thief women. She made every last one of them regret the day they laid eyes on me. The Huntress, The Hound, The Pain in the ass

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