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This is an Exalted chronicle featuring Solar characters. The chronicle takes its name from the region of the world of Exalted known as the Hundred Kingdoms (see The Hundred Kingdoms for information about the location). Currently the chronicle is on hiatus, as the Dragon-Blooded from the Far Shores chronicle work through the stories of the "other side" of the game. More information can be found at the Hundred Kingdoms chronicle page.


Player Characters

The characters of the players in the chronicle. This was the final roster at the time this chronicle went on hiatus while we started the Far Shores chronicle. We need to have a "deceased" section (for the three fallen Solars: Drax, Effable Salt and Gnoemi).

Storyteller Characters

Depending how long this section gets, maybe the sections should be split off as their own pages.

  • Five Hearts - Chosen of Serenity. The Gold Faction "patron" of the Circle. She has major disagreements with some of the more militant Gold Faction members who support Solars like the Bull of the North.
  • Balaustine - Chosen of Endings. One of the two Bronze Faction Sidereals who destroyed the city of Fallen Lapis during the first Realm war against the Bull of the North. His partner was killed by the Bull.

Canon Characters

These characters are canonical figures from the Exalted books published by White Wolf. They are protected by copyrights, so we will NOT be posting any of their stats, except those which have been explicitly updated by our chronicles. For example, it is unnecessary (and undesirable) to post the canonical traits of Tepet Ejava, but if she has gained a new Charm we might say "Added XX Charm".


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