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Arranged Marriage equals Low Divorce Rate? March 27, 2007

Posted by Conrad Hubbard in : The Chip , add a comment

Weird. I was watching a bit on CNN. Apparently India still practices arranged marriages as the primary method of marriage. Interestingly, they have less than 2% divorce rate. The question that immediately comes to mind for me is this: Does the divorce rate represent a success rate, or does the divorce rate represent a societal pressure against getting divorced?

In comparison, American divorce rates vastly exceed the rate of that in India, although what exactly those rates are is apparently a source of nearly 40 years of controvery. Check out this Wikipedia article about divorce (important disclaimer: Anybody can alter Wikipedia articles, so their accuracy is often questionable).

The War on Drugs March 27, 2007

Posted by Conrad Hubbard in : The Chip , add a comment

Today I was listening to NPR and Barbara LaWall, the prosecutor of Pima County, Arizona, was being interviewed. During the story, it was revealed that AT LEAST one person EVERY DAY is arrested in her county carrying more than 250 POUNDS of marijuana. Most of these arrests are apparently performed by federal officers, who turn the cases over to the county whenever the seizure is less than 500 pounds, because federal prosecutors won’t take the case unless it reaches 500 pounds. (Reference: NPR Story )

Can’t we just legalize this stuff and tax it? Then we can make a profit rather than paying craploads of money to PRETEND to stop it.

The History Channel was running a story when I got home, and the markup on heroin is 17000%. The commentator pointed out that no army in the world could stop the sale of a product with that kind of profit margin. Imagine spending 1 penny and getting $170 bucks back. Imagine spending $1 and getting $17000 back. Maybe I am in the wrong business. (Kidding!)