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What We Want What We Do February 26, 2008

Posted by Conrad Hubbard in : Poetry , trackback

Another one of the poems from that year 2000 “lost” collection.

What We Want What We Do

You tell me your dream
is to be able to paint and buy milk
I stumble around on my words
because I have an answer for you
I tell you my dream
is as close as I can hope
and I meant my writing
but looking back maybe I was right
The only brush I can wield
yields hues drawn from my heart
and every picture I draw
is but the words I feel
I am painting for you now
but my hand shakes
as I wonder if I am artist enough
to depict you as a model
and I abandon rhyme
like a borrowed style cast off
and I abandon reason
because I am a fool
and I wonder what we want
and I ponder what we do
and I remember these days
I have spent with you
This is not what we do
we told each other when we met
all of this is something new
something we’ve never done yet
a symptom of an event
but no this is different
this is significant
and rhyme returns its pigment
to the mixture that is you and me
though reason remains absentee
you tell me your dream
and I stumble a bit
inside I can hear the words scream
but I can barely mumble it
This is what I want
now this is what I do
because I know I won’t forget
the beauty I found in you
from the moment that we met
but all of this is something new
and we don’t know us yet
so you paint your dreams
and dream of paint
and those dreams spatter
all over me
because if you wanted to paint with me
I would buy the milk
because I told you my dream was close
and I meant my writing
but you sat next to me…

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