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The Moon Dancer February 28, 2008

Posted by Conrad Hubbard in : Poetry , trackback

This is the last of that “lost” bunch of poems from 2000 that I found on my hard drive, except I didn’t write this one. It was written by one of my friends, Brent Halstead. We both used to do public poetry readings in the same night clubs in Richmond, Virginia before I moved to Atlanta to work for White Wolf Publishing. The werewolf references are pretty clear.

The Moon Dancer

As the moon reaches its zenith
Creatures awaken out of myth
I see your passionate soul begin to stir
And a change comes over you in a blur
Now it becomes clear
Why you have problems keeping women near
You are the lunatic moon dancer
When you call passion answers
A creature swelling with carnal lust
Tempered by a sense of what’s just
Romantic shadows cross the moon
Formers loves making vision swoon
Howl the dirges of lover’s past
Growl at injustice and stand steadfast
Bark the hope of future love
Shake your claws at the powers up above
Born to the galliard sky
On wings of dragons your wishes lie
Fierce tongued your bark is bite
Never quarter or give in a fight
Chaos, disorder has no greater foe
When the raging gibbous is all aglow
In you the whole earth can trust
Your appetite for honesty ever robust
If you catch them when they’ve lied
A thousand deaths they’ll wished they died
Careful the zeal of your devotion
Lunar eclipse of mind by emotion
Following your dreams the path you walk
You’ll find your prey on the path you stalk
Never there was a stronger creature with whom to contend
But never there was a better friend

Written by Brent Halstead. Published here with permission.


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