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Game Material: Blog vs Wiki November 21, 2008

Posted by Conrad Hubbard in : RPGs , trackback

I originally set up my Wiki┬áto allow my roleplaying game group to share details of our weekly game sessions in a format that was easily searchable and interlinked. When I added the WordPress blog code to my site, I was initially just experimenting with the code because I was also working with it through my day job on the White Wolf website. Over time I have been conflicted over how to best present game material that is not specific to my group. Part of me wants to post it on my blog. Part of me wants to post it to my wiki. It seems like posting game related articles on my blog gives them greater overall exposure at the time of posting, as they are temporarily given top of page position. However, the searchable and interlinked nature of the wiki seems to suggest that a game fan might have better longterm luck searching through its contents. If there was some way to post material to both places without coming off as repetitive and “repost” oriented, that would be preferable. Anyway, my reason for posting this is to see if folks that read my pages out there in internetland have any thoughts as to which approach is better.


1. Jason - November 27, 2008

My suggestion is to just post a simple “Wiki Updated” entry with a link to the relevant material.