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X-alt: Artifact Armor Revamp March 24, 2009

Posted by Conrad Hubbard in : RPGs , add a comment

I posted it in my wiki, but I figured I would just make a note about that fact. If you are an Exalted fan, then check out this in-progress series of alternate ideas for Exalted.

Artifact Armor Revamp

I am posting these to my wiki, rather than my blog, because I see them as in-progress items. Also one of my readers suggested that I take this tact, so I am trying it out.

Left-Handed Doing Things Right March 15, 2009

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Last Thursday, the CCP North America (White Wolf) office held a company leisure event where a bunch of us went bowling together. One of the girls I work with, Jess, was bowling with her left hand. It made me pause for a moment, as I realized that even though I am left-handed, I was bowling with my right hand. This fact is something I hadn’t given much more than a passing and brief consideration before. Weird.

I write with my left hand, and I draw, eat, shave, drink, change TV channels, thumb type on my iPhone, all with my left hand. I even remember having trouble in early school because one of my teachers wanted to try to make me use my right hand and I couldn’t.

And yet… There are so many things I do right-handed. There a so many times that I have simply been taught to do something by a right-handed person and managed to mimic them. There are other times where certain devices are made for right-handed people, and I just have gotten used to using them that way. Even if a left-hander version comes along, I am already used to the “other way” now. I use a computer mouse with my right hand, roll a bowling ball right-handed, etc.

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EVE Online: Apocrypha Releases March 10, 2009

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EVEToday, CCP released the Apocrypha expansion for EVE Online. Lots of awesome people did lots of awesome work on it. You should check it out, because it looks great.

Today in the hall, one of my coworkers said something along the lines of “How does it feel to work on a game that has released?” Then he paused and corrected to something like “Well, a computer MMO game?”

I hadn’t thought about it that way, but it feels pretty good. I am tired, but being part of the team that put out Apocrypha feels good.

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Today’s Bandwidth March 9, 2009

Posted by Conrad Hubbard in : The Chip , 1 comment so far

I don’t know if I will actually stick with this for very long, but I figure I will give it a try for a little while. CNET offers a “bandwidth meter” which attempts to measure the relative speed of your internet provider at the moment you use the meter. I am currently using Comcast, and I have noticed that my speed has been very variable in the past.

[Today’s bandwidth meter result: 860 kbps.]

Blog Upgraded to 2.7.1 March 2, 2009

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Tonight, I upgraded my blog to WordPress 2.7.1. The backend interface is pretty different. They also added some new “secret keys” to the system. No sign of a revision cleanup tool yet, as far as I can see, which means continuing to do it this way. I guess I need to update my wiki again, next.