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Oh Hello Iran July 30, 2009

Posted by Conrad Hubbard in : The Chip , add a comment

I actually saw news about Iran on CNN today! In recent weeks, coverage of the protests in Iran has been buried by exhaustive attention to other events. The media has latched onto stories about the death of Michael Jackson, and of a professor being arrested for entering his own home, to such a degree that it has blinded us to the rest of the world. It is sad that Michael died, but he is one person and the deaths of protesters in Iran are no less important. It is sad that a man was arrested for entry into his own house, but that doesn’t outweigh the murder of Neda by anti-protest forces in Iran. I know that the media has to make money, so they are going to talk about stories that sell airtime. I still think that the media can foster an atmosphere for positive change by bringing awareness of the world to our living rooms. Hopefully the renewed coverage of Iran will somehow make things better for humanity.