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Darklord of Rookhausen August 19, 2012

Posted by Conrad Hubbard in : RPGs , trackback

Did you ever play in the Rookhausen chat, hosted by Sword & Sorcery, using 3rd edition d20 rules and the Ravenloft setting version published by Arthaus? I designed the original idea of that chat, although it was of course expanded by volunteer DMs and many players. I was kicking around some of the old web pages on my site, trying to give some of them the cleanup they desperately need, when I ran across these old hidden pages, which I had only shared with a select few back then.

Darklord of Rookhausen pages:
Janisar 3.5
Janisar 3.0
Curse of Janisar

This stuff was never official or canon. It was merely material designed for an online setting we hosted at Sword & Sorcery. Nonetheless, I thought some players out there who are Ravenloft fans might be interested.


1. Conrad Hubbard - August 20, 2012

I actually think I might like to take a shot at recreating him at a lower level – perhaps 11th level. I am pretty sure I remember that the 15th level was a target I picked due to it being where you get greater rage in 3.0, whereas 3.5 lets you get it earlier.

2. Conrad Hubbard - August 20, 2012

Also, I would probably remake Rookhausen as a much smaller city. I originally was trying to plan for it not to feel tiny if it was holding large numbers of players. To fit the Darkon setting, it should certainly be a lot smaller than Il Aluk (Necropolis).